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At Restoration Ranch, we're a unique blend of a foster care agency and residential treatment facility, dedicated to the well-being of at-risk youth in Southwest Ohio. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we offer a comprehensive approach that encompasses both the nurturing environment of a residential facility and the supportive network of a foster care agency. Our integrated services cater to the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of our residents, providing them with a stable and caring environment where they can heal and grow. We believe in meeting each individual where they are, tailoring our programs to address their unique circumstances and challenges, ensuring that they receive the support and resources they need to thrive.


Within our residential treatment facility, young men find a supportive home where they receive individualized care and attention from our dedicated staff. Our program focuses on healing, offering services such as individual and group therapy, addiction counseling, and equine therapy. Residents not only live on-site but also participate in educational activities and life skills programs, preparing them for a successful transition to independent living. We strive to create a sense of community and belonging within our facility, fostering an environment where young men feel empowered to explore their potential and envision a brighter future for themselves.


In our foster care program, we prioritize the placement of children in loving and stable homes where they can thrive. Whether families are interested in fostering with the goal of reunification or considering adoption, we provide the necessary support and resources every step of the way. Through our trauma-informed approach, counseling services, and ongoing education for parents, we empower families to create nurturing environments where children can flourish and reach their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate positive and lasting connections between children and their foster or adoptive families, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to grow up in a loving and supportive home environment.

There are over 391,000 children in the United States foster care network...

We Recognize More Than Just Numbers, We Are Identifying People, and Creating Change.


The Restoration Ranch of Ohio’s mission is to provide excellent residential care as well as foster/adoptive homes where hearts are healed, hope is restored, and faith is developed through Christ-Centered services.


Our goal is to impact lives that have been altered by being in the foster care system. We have an unwavering commitment to supporting these young men who have experienced trauma through neglect and abuse. We provide a safe and supportive environment that will help them heal. Meeting their basic physical and emotional needs is just the beginning. This lays the groundwork for the restoration of a trusting relationship between the youth and the adult. This relationship enhances the adult’s ability to assist the youth in making constructive changes that set them up for success throughout their adult lives.



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